The Leafing

The Green Man Series | Volume 2

After solving a grisly local murder the previous year, Sylvia thought her life had settled into a happy and predictable routine. Instead, changes occurred that caused her to doubt everything: her job, her relationships, and her entire existence. Finding her neighbor’s body on her beach along with subsequent attacks on other women in her community made her wonder – would she be next? Could the Green Man help her find her answers?

Paperback, April 2015, ISBN: 978-1503276086

  • The Leafing is perfect if you're looking for a get-lost-in-a-book, yet light-read!!

    The Leafing is perfect if you’re looking for a get-lost-in-a-book, yet light-read. It has a mixture of romance, suspense, and a hint of sci-fi. It picks up right where The Greening left off. The fictional setting is based on a location close to my home, so I enjoyed “recognizing” scenes, such as local restaurants, where Slyvia and friends visited. This is a fun, fast-paced, engrossing book!

    Kathryn M

  • Great reading. Can't wait for the next one!

    Great reading. Can’t wait for the next one. Keep them coming Sharon!

    Mary J

  • Very enjoyable read!

    The Leafing continues the Green Man series and I enjoyed catching up with Sylvia’s work and love life. With the murder of a neighbor and the troubles between Sylvia and Owen, this story kept me entertained and turning pages well into the night. I look forward to the next installment!

    L Weller

  • Five Stars!

    Awesome!!!! Can’t wait for the third book to complete the story!!!!

    V Reedy

  • Make Way for the Green Man!

    This is clearly a sequel to The Greening. It is another ecological murder mystery with help from the mythological Green Man. Once again, Ms. Brubaker has taken a very classical myth and updated it for modern readers in her newest murder mystery that takes place on the Chesapeake Bay. Well done!!

    Marcia B

  • The twists and turns will keep you amazed!

    Waiting for the next book! the twists and turns will keep you amazed!

    Myra D

  • Just the right blend of mystery, excitement, romance and environment!

    “The Leafing” was just the right blend of mystery, excitement, romance and environment. I enjoyed being brought again to the Chesapeake Bay. Once I started, it was hard to put down. This book was just as great as “The Greening” and I anxiously await the next book in the series.

    Barbara P

  • I am in love with the heroin in the stories!

    This is another complex mystery but well done with some surprises you don’t expect. Plus I like the upper Chesapeake location.

    Donald A

  • A nice love story!

    I enjoyed reading it, Sharon is a good writer, keeps you interested and involved. The ending was so beautiful, it made me cry.

    Carol W

  • Sharon Brubaker has done it again, another page turner!

    The characters from The Greening are back, once again tangled in intrigue. Super mystery entwined in a love story. Can’t wait to follow their story in book three.

    D G

  • I am really enjoying the Green Man series!

    I am really enjoying the Green Man series. Looking forward to the third book. The mystery, family lives, and love make it a great read. Thanks Sharon!

    Barbara L

  • Non stop page turner!

    Sheer rock on goodness.A fabulous who did what? when? Great page turner. You’ll just find yourself saying, “Sylvia , you go girl !!!!

    Mary Lou T

  • An enjoyable and fast read!

    Mrs. Brubaker is a wonderful storyteller, full of detail so you feel you are a part of Sylvia’s life, as she deals with romance, love, family, murder, kidnapping, and a new dog. As I got into the story I didn’t want to put it down. Nothing else got done until I finished the book. Can’t wait for number 3. Hope there are a dozen in the series. I could read these books for years.

    Barbara B

  • Couldn't wait to read second book!

    Sharon has captured again the life of Sylvia on the Chesapeake Bay! Couldn’t put the book down!! Can’t wait for the third in the series!

    Carol Y

The Leafing - Sharon Brubaker - Maryland Author

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