Marian’s Oakwood Manor Recipes

Enjoy the tastes of The Greening

PLEASE NOTE: This cookbook is a live event exclusive which means it is not currently available for purchase online or in store. You must purchase this book in person from Sharon at her live events.

Marian Duir, a fun and somewhat eccentric character in the Green Man Series and I have the same cooking philosophy — cook with abandon and until it ‘looks right.’ I seldom measure unless I’m baking or the recipe truly needs to be precise. Inside this cookbook are recipes of some of the foods mentioned throughout book one of the series, The Greening. These are the favorite recipes of Marian and my family. Enjoy!

This Cookbook Offers:

• 7 Recipes directly from the pages of The Greening
• Vegan & vegetarian options for almost every recipe
• Quotes from the book

Marian's Oakwood Manor Recipes - Sharon Brubaker - Maryland Author

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