Tides of Blue

A Tale of Sea Glass, Times, and Tides

Sea Glass also known as Mermaid’s Tears and Jewels of the Sea.  It goes by many names.  How do those lovely bits of glass land on our shores?  Where does it begin?

Follow the tale of a cobalt, blue bottle from 1860, when it was tossed violently into the Chesapeake Bay. The bottle breaks and shards form, rolling in the deep, some settling in the sand. Other shards are taken, in and out, through time and through tides. One shard lands on the shore in 1918, bringing some happiness in the face of tragedy. Another is considered a jewel by 1933. A third shard comes ashore in 1956, found by a young woman seeking something special. In 1967, a fourth shard comes ashore, as a gift from one lover to another in the heydey era of the flower children. A few more shards, a few more treasures, more time and more tales.

Follow the sea glass through time and tide in this breakthrough novel by Sharon Brubaker. Coming in 2017.

This Book is Coming in late 2017.